doctor in de geografie, onderzoeksprofessor KU Leuven, professor Universiteit Gent
Geografie (bevolking, urbanisatie); Azië

Ben Derudder is a Research Professor of Urban Studies at KU Leuven, as well as an Associate Director of the Globalization and World Cities Network (GaWC) research network and a deputy editor-in-chief and special issues editor of Regional Studies. At KU Leuven, He is directing the KU Leuven Urban Studies Institute (LUSI), which brings together and represents the university's extensive expertise on cities, doing justice to the complexity and diversity of the city as a study object by approaching it from different scientific disciplines and vantage points. Most of his own research adopts an explicitly spatial approach to studying a range of urban and regional questions at different scales and in different parts of the world, including city networks at the global scale, urban and regional polycentricity in Europe and China, and the praxis of comparison in urban and regional studies.

Key publications

Liu, X., Derudder, B., & Wu, K. (2016). Measuring polycentric urban development in China: An intercity transportation network perspective. Regional Studies, 50(8), 1302-1315.

Taylor, P.J. & Derudder, B. (2016). World city network: A global urban analysis (2nd edition). Routledge: London & New York.

Liu, X., Derudder, B. & Wang, M. (2018). Polycentric urban development in China: A multi-scale analysis. Environment and Planning B, 45(5), 953-972.


Derudder, B., & Taylor, P.J. (2020). Three globalizations shaping the twenty-first century: Understanding the new world geography through its cities. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 110(6), 1831-1854.

Taylor, P. J., & Derudder, B. (2021). NY-LON 2020: The changing relations between London and New York in corporate globalisation. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 47(1), 257-270.



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