PhD, professor Institute of Geological Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
Tectonics, seismotectonics, geomorphology, remote sensing; Asia

Phan Trong Trinh is a full professor at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). He received his Ph. D. degree at the Université de Paris 7 in 1989, postdoctorate at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (1992-1993).  He is a permanent associate member of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (UNESCO – IAEA), Italy, (1998-2005). He has been a corresponding member of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences since 2006. He is currently President, the scientific council of the Institute of Geological Sciences, VAST; President, the scientific council of the Faculty of Earth Science, Graduate University of Science and Technology. He is also a member of the National Foundation for the Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) since 2009. He has been President of the Vietnam Association of Tectonics since 2010 and Editor-in-Chief, Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences, since 2016. His research focuses on active tectonics, mineral resources, Earthquakes, remote sensing, GPS, and machine learning.

Key publications

Duong, V. H., Trinh, P. T., Nguyen, T. D., Piestrzyski, A., Nguyen, D. C., Pieczonka, J., Ngo, X. D., Tran Van, P., Thai Pham, B., Nguyen-Van, H., Ngo Van, L., Tien Bui, D., Vu Khac, D., & Bui, C. T. (2021). Cu-Au mineralization of the Sin Quyen deposit in north Vietnam : A product of Cenozoic left-lateral movement along the Red River shear zone. Ore Geology Reviews, 132, 104065.

Duong, N. T., Van Hao, D., Bui, V. L., Duong, D. T., Phan, T. T., & Le Xuan, H. (2021). Natural radionuclides and assessment of radiological hazards in MuongHum, Lao Cai, Vietnam. Chemosphere, 270, 128671.

Pham, B.T., Vu, V.D., Costache, R., Phong, T.V.,. Ngo, T.Q., Tran, T.H., Nguyen, H.D. (2021). Landslide Susceptibility Mapping using state-of-the-art machine learning ensembles. Geocarto International, 1-23.

Van Tien, P., Luong, L. H., Duc, D. M., Trinh, P. T., Quynh, D. T., Lan, N. C., Thuy, D. T., Phi, N. Q., Cuong, T. Q., Dang, K., & Loi, D. H. (2021). Rainfall-induced catastrophic landslide in Quang Tri Province : the deadliest single landslide event in Vietnam in 2020. Landslides, 18(6), 2323‑2327.

Van Phong, T., Pham, B.T., Trinh, P.T., Ly, H.B., Hung, V.Q., Ho, L.S., le, H.V. (2021). Groundwater Potential Mapping Using GIS Based Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Methods. Groundwater. (SCIE)                     

Pham, B. T., Luu, C., Phong, T. V., Trinh, P. T., Shirzadi, A., Renoud, S., Asadi, S., Le, H. V., von Meding, J., & Clague, J. J. (2021). Can deep learning algorithms outperform benchmark machine learning algorithms in flood susceptibility modeling ? Journal of Hydrology, 592, 125615.


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