FRANKL, Amaury

MA geografie, doctor in de wetenschappen (geografie), prof. UGent (Vakgroep Geografie).
Geografie (G.I.S., teledetectie, tropische geomorfologie), bodemkunde, landbouwkunde; Ethiopië, China.


Professor Amaury Frankl specializes in geomorphology and focuses on researching land degradation in various environments, including alpine, tropical mountain, and temperate lowland regions. Using UAVs, he investigates the impact of anthropogenic disturbances and (extreme) weather events on rates of soil erosion and the triggering of natural hazards. He also explores how nature-based solutions can mitigate erosion from a connectivity perspective. He is co-chair of the Africa Platform of Ghent University Association (, Board Member of the UAV Research Centre (, Member of the EU Soil Observatory Working Group on Soil Erosion and Associate Member of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences.


Key Publications

Frankl, A., Nyssen, J., Vanmaercke, M., & Poesen, J. (2021). Gully prevention and control : techniques, failures and effectiveness. EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS, 46(1), 220–238.

Gebrekidan, H. L., Frankl, A., Dessie, M., Poesen, J., Adgo, E., & Nyssen, J. (2020). Consolidated sediment budget of Lake Tana, Ethiopia (2012-2016). GEOMORPHOLOGY, 371.

Dinssa, E. G., Frankl, A., Zenebe, A., Poesen, J., & Nyssen, J. (2018). Gully and soil and water conservation structure densities in semi-arid northern Ethiopia over the last 80 years. EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS, 43(9), 1848–1859.

Luo, M., Liu, T., Meng, F., Duan, Y., Huang, Y., Frankl, A., & De Maeyer, P. (2017). Proportional coefficient method applied to TRMM rainfall data : case study of hydrological simulations of the Hotan River Basin (China). JOURNAL OF WATER AND CLIMATE CHANGE, 8(4), 627–640.

Frankl, A., Stal, C., Abraha, A., Nyssen, J., Rieke-Zapp, D., De Wulf, A., & Poesen, J. (2015). Detailed recording of gully morphology in 3D through image-based modelling. CATENA, 127, 92–101.


Complete list of publications

Complete list of publications