CROUS, Pieter Willem

Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Master of Science in Agriculture, PhD Agriculture, Director of Science, directeur Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Utrecht (Nederland).
Biologie (biodiversiteit, micologie); Afrika

Prof. Crous is a mycologist and plant pathologist; PhD 1992 Orange Free State Univ., South Africa; DSc 2009 Univ. of Pretoria; Prof. at Univ. of Stellenbosch since 1995, Univ. of Pretoria since 2002, Univ. of Utrecht since 2010, Univ. of Wageningen (2002–2023), Univ. of the Free State (2012–2021), Univ. of Melbourne (2013–2015), Univ. of Murdoch (2014–2016), Univ. of Chiang Mai (2017), Beijing Forestry Univ. (2019–2021); past Director, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (KNAW) (2002–2023), past President, International Mycological Association (2006–2010), Member, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Member Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences, Fellow Linnean Society of London, Southern African Society for Plant Pathology, and Honorary Member Mycological Society of America, and Mycological Society of India. His research focusses on the evolution of plant pathogenic fungi, phylogenetics, host adaptation, speciation and fungal sex.

Key publications


Crous, P. W., Lombard, L., Sandoval-Denis, M., et al. (2021). Fusarium: more than a node or a foot-shaped basal cell. Studies in Mycology 98: 100116.  

Crous, P. W., Rossman, A. Y., Aime, M. C., et al. (2021). Names of Phytopathogenic Fungi: A Practical Guide. Phytopathology 111: 1500–1508.  

Hou, L. W., Giraldo, A., Groenewald, J. Z., …. Crous, P. W. (2023). Redisposition of acremonium-like fungi in Hypocreales. Studies in Mycology 105: 23–203.  

Xiao XE, Liu YD, Zheng F, et al. (2023). High species diversity in Diaporthe associated with citrus diseases in China. Persoonia 51: 229–256.  

Zhao, L., Groenewald, J. Z., Hernández-Restrepo, M., Schroers, H.-J., Crous, P. W. (2023). Revising Clonostachys and allied genera in Bionectriaceae. Studies in Mycology 105: 205–266.