PhD Biblical Studies and Ancient Israelite History and Religions (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Post-Doctoral Studies (Theological Faculty, Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg), research prof. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Germany).
Ordinary Member of Academia Europaea – The European Academy of Sciences, Humanities, and Letters; Honorary Member of Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies (Sweden).
Jewish culture, Jewish-Christian relations, biblical and rabbinic literature, history of interpretation, history and historiography of ancient Israel; western Europe, USA and Canada, Israel.

KALIMI, Isaac (December 1952), is one of the world’s leading scholars in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, history and historiography of Ancient Israel, and Jewish studies. He is considered as a pioneer of intercultural and interdisciplinary academic exchange between Jewish and Christian theologies.

Kalimi is an ordinary member of The Academia Europaea – The Academy of Europe for Arts and Sciences, and an honorary member of The Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies (Sweden). He taught and researched at several distinguished universities in the USA, Europe, and Israel, and held numerous invited guest-lecture in all over the academic circles.

Kalimi received many awards and honors, including National Endowment for the Humanities (USA, 2007/08); Fulbright–University of Salzburg Distinguished Chair (2011); The Franz-Delitzsch-Research-Award 2012; Fellow-in-Residence, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship; Brussels, 2013); Fellow, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (Uppsala University, 2014/15); Gutenberg Forschungskolleg, (Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany; a million Euro Fellowship, 2013-2019).

Professor Kalimi has published over 100 peer reviewed articles, and 30 books, including works such as: The Reshaping of Ancient Israelite History in Chronicles (2005, 2nd edition 2012; recipient of the R.B.Y. Scott Book Award of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies 2006; earlier versions: German, 1995; Hebrew, 2000); An Ancient Israelite Historian (2005; Polish version, 2017); The Retelling of Chronicles in Jewish Tradition and Literature (2009); Fighting Over the Bible (2017; German version 2020); Metathesis in the Hebrew Bible (2018); Untersuchungen zur Jüdischen Schriftauslegung und Theologie (2018, recipient of Franz Delitzsch Prize 2019); Writing and Rewriting the Story of Solomon in Ancient Israel (2018; German version, 2020).

Key publications

Kalimi, I. (2018c). Writing and Rewriting the Story of Solomon in Ancient Israel. Cambridge University Press.

Kalimi, I. (2020). Konig Salomo : Mensch Und Mythos : Geschichtsschreibung in Der Hebraischen Bibel Im Wandel (German Edition). Harrassowitz.

Kalimi, I. (2020a). Der Kampf Um Die Bibel : Judische Interpretation, Sektarianismus Und Polemik Vom Tempel Zum Talmud Und Daruber Hinaus (Judische Religion, Geschichte Und Kultur) (German Edition) (1. Auflage ed.). Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Kalimi, I. (2018b). Untersuchungen zur Jüdischen Schriftauslegung und Theologie : Bindung Isaaks, Geschichte Josefs und Biblische Theologie. Echter Verlag GmbH.

Kalimi, I. (2017). Fighting Over the Bible : Jewish Interpretation, Sectarianism and Polemic from Temple to Talmud and Beyond. Brill.


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