Licentiaat in biologie, (VUB), Master in Human Ecology (VUB), PhD in Sciences (VUB), Professeur ordinaire à l'Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Gewoon Hoogleraar aan de Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
Mangrove ecosystems, Social-ecological systems, remote sensing, vegetation dynamics, plant-animal interactions, man-ecosystem interactions, ethnobiology, management, governance, science-policy interface, functionality; Noord- en Zuid-Amerika, Afrika, Azië,


The research unit Systems Ecology and Resource Management seeks to understand and to predict how and why spatio-temporal dynamics in vegetation and landscape occur.  It adopts a retrospective approach using relevant methods from different disciplines (tropicalbotany, very high resolution sequential remote sensing and ground truth, socio-ecologic/ethnobiological survey research, historic archive research,...), an integrative analysis (using geographical information systems, multivariate and multicriteria analyses,...) in order to generate outputs relevant for fundamental understanding of ecosystem functioning (health status, resilience) and for its management (conservation, restoration, governance).  Within this framework he also emphasize biodiversity changes, climate change, ecological and ethological plant-animal interactions and man-ecosystem interactions, particularly in an attempt to early warn for ecological degradation and unsustainable exploitation practices.  Mangrove forests form an important model for our research, but close links exist with adjacent ecosystems such as tropical rainforests or coral reefs.  The research is done on different spatial scales from the case-study level in different countries to the macroecological level (global) and also explores the science-policy interface. 

Key publications

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